Advocating for Safe Cycling Throughout Durham Region



DRCC is a not-for-profit community-based organization staffed by volunteers who are passionate safe cycling advocates.

As an organization, we have no paid salaries or cell phone contracts and do our utmost to operate at  minimal  expense. Our operating expenses typically include insurance premiums, managing our web site, office supplies, mailing address and more.

Although our approach thus far has been successful, we also see potential with additional funding to further expand our message through community outreach.

Examples include:

  • Magnetic Safe Cycling symbol strips which supporters can place on their auto.
  • Community advertising supporting safe cycling.
  • Community safe cycle training schools.
  • Cycle Counter support justifying the need for cycling investment.

Donations are gratefully accepted from individuals or organizations either in cash or in kind which we will thankfully acknowledge however we do not provide endorsements. Please note prior to accepting a donation we complete a donation review to ensure compatibility with our DRCC governing guidelines.

Corporate Sponsor

We also have available the opportunity to become a DRCC “Corporate Sponsor” and would be excited to discuss possibilities with you.

To learn more about how to donate or become a corporate sponsor simple send an e-mail to
We look forward to gaining your trust in support of safe cycling.