The creation of the Durham Region Cycling Coalition (DRCC)

The creation of the Durham Region Cycling Coalition (DRCC) was based on observations of various local cyclists that Durham Region was falling farther behind the rest of Ontario in regards to providing safe (and complete) cycling infrastructure. Many of these cyclists have cycled in other parts of Ontario, Quebec and around the world and have seen first hand how far we are behind in Durham Region. We have all heard the words from our local political leaders; “it is a part of our transportation mix”, “it’s good for our citizens health” (reduces health costs), “it’s good for the environment”, “it’s good to bring in tourist dollars” (cycle tourism), “it helps reduce grid lock”, etc. However, the only thing local cyclists have seen, is little or very slow progress in the development of this infrastructure.

After a few local clubs members met in June 2015 to discuss, it was agreed a larger local and focused voice was needed. The 5 local cycling clubs quickly agreed to support the creation of the Durham Region Cycling Coalition (DRCC), then after speaking to the 5 local cycling shops, they soon came on board.

DRCC believes that with a single voice and by working closely and in a constructive manner with all levels of government to promote safe cycling there will be an enormous benefit to individuals and businesses in the Region.  See our Letter of Introduction to all local political leaders here.