Best Practices

Best Practices, from within Durham Region and around the word.

In 2013 the Ontario Ministry of Transportation developed the 1st version of OTM Book 18 for Cycling Infrastructure to set standards that regions and municipalities should follow.  We at DRCC understand prior to 2013, no true provincial standards existed, thus best practices were hard to meet.  We also understand that our local municipalities should be given time to retrofit older cycling facilities (i.e. bike lanes, road markings, signage, etc).  Another great documents is the OMT Bikeways Design Manual (march 2014), which helps people what a good Bikeway or multi propose trails should look like.

We have tried to capture imagines of what we at the DRCC believe to be the cycling Best Practices from around Durham Region.  We are hopeful that by showing these photos of what we believe to be the best practices, that the local municipalities could learn from each other and local cyclists will know what “good” looks like.  If you believe we have missed some of Durham Region’s best cycling infrastructure, just let us know.

As Durham Regions Cycling Coalition, we have members that have cycled all over the world.  During these trips, many of our members have seen some world class cycling infrastructure and amazing cycling best practices, that we would love to have here in Durham Region.  Please let us know what you think about our images, by sending us your comments.  If you have other examples, please pass them on to us here at DRCC and we’ll post some of your photos as well.

We have also added a small sample of what believe are NOT so good practices in Durham Region, shown on the bottom of page Best Practices from around Region.

You can also click the “ i ” on the photo for additional information where it is taken.