Durham Region


We have tried to capture imagines of what we at the DRCC believe to be the cycling Best Practices from around Durham Region.  We are hopeful that by showing these photos of what we believe to be the best practices, that the local municipalities could learn from each other and local cyclists will know what “good” looks like.  If you believe we have missed some of Durham Region’s best cycling infrastructure, just let us know.

You can also click the “ i ” on the photo for additional information where it is taken.

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We have also included a few, NOT so good cycling infrastructure within Durham Region.

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Durham Region cycling problems

One of Durham’s biggest failures when it comes to cycling infrastructure is a lack of continuous routes – many just start, then stop… then maybe restarts?

Also the coordination between local municipalities and the region, this is really noticeable where municipal roads with cycling lanes, cross region roads.

We are getting boxed in by 4XX highways (401, 407, 412, 418) without anyone in the governments; Municipal, Region or Provincial seeming to understanding what that does to cycling across the Region in the longer term.  See attached map.  Also see our efforts to educate and change directions under correspondence and in our presentations.

Another issue that needs to be addressed across the water front communities in the region, is a lack of East – West routes, this endangers local cyclists, like commuters, plus cyclists of other types and reduces effectiveness of encouraging cycle tourism.

If you know of any issues with cycling in Durham Region, drop us a line under comments.