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Introduction to the DRCC

The Durham Region Cycling Coalition (DRCC) was formed in the spring of 2015 by the five major bicycle clubs within Durham Region to give a greater voice to the cycling community so as to effect improvements to cycling infrastructure and the inherent benefit of safer roads.  DRCC is actively working with all levels of government to bring about an awareness of the needs of all cyclists whether they be commuters, casual riders, are a mountain rider or avid road cyclists. We need safer roads and better cycling infrastructure.

We all have responsibilities while using our roads

See more about our new Provincial laws and responsibilities for both cars and bicycle users.  Read more here.

As a cyclist, we know we are vulnerable road users.  If you see aggressive or unsafe drivers while riding, report them here at DRPS Road Watch.


  • Have you heard – DRCC is hosting the 2nd annual Durham Region Lake to Lake ride on Sept 8th, 2018
    • More information coming soon…
    • Keep the date open for now
    • Even a better route better than 2017, but still approx 100 km


  • Whitby’s cycling future, have your voice heard – attend;

Active Transportation Plan Community Open House Drop in on Tuesday, November 28,  2017 between 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Town Hall. Have your say on how we can walk, cycle and move more actively throughout the community.

  • Did you hear about the Durham Region Strategic Road Safety Action Plan Project? – https://www.durhamvisionzero.com/  add your voice.  If you notice on the graph, more Vulnerable Road users (Pedestrians, Cyclists, etc) are involved in Collisions then impaired….  a similar thing is happening all across Ontario.  Cars vs people on bikes – bikes loose!
  • We have heard good news coming to Clarington.  They are considering a municipality Active Transportation Advisory Committee.  That is something we in DRCC really support.  Local citizens making suggestion for local improvement to cycling and other AT networks.  Good Work Clarington!  Currently Ajax, Whitby and Oshawa have formal AT committees, while Pickering and Uxbridge have smaller working groups.
  • The City of Pickering is working on a new TMP (Transportation Master Plan – which includes Cycling).  DRCC has several members in as Stakeholders.  Hopeful progress for the City of Pickering.
  • The DRCC did a presentation at the Share The Road Bike Summit, on March 12th, 2017.  See it here.  See a great new Share The Road safety video here.
  • Did you hear, that MTO 407/418 phase 2 will have more bike friendly bridges (paved shoulders on 13 of them).  That is what MTO have committed to our DRCC contingent.  See us for details.  Now we need to go back and get fixes on MTO 407/412 Phase 1 bridges.
  • The DRCC  supports this Federal petition e-957 to create minimum standards for the TransCanada Trail – view and sign petition here.  Here is a great article why you should consider signing it.  We have almost a 100 km section of the TCT through Durham Region, which has many amazing sections, but also has many unsafe sections described in the article above.
  • The Regional of Durham will received a 409K$ Canada 150 Grant for cycling.  On March 1st, 2017 several DRCC/DCC club members attended an announcement from MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes regarding the funding to improve Reach Road (Regional Road #8) into Port Perry.  This includes completing the a paved shoulder on Reach Rd into Old Simcoe Street in Port Perry.
  • 401 Bridges for cyclists in Durham Region – Attached is our DRCC letter to Lorne Coe, MPP, on January 18th, 2017, requesting his support for improvements by MTO to the new Henry Street Bridge redevelopment in the Town of Whitby.  We are very pleased that MPP Coe has supported our concern, with a letter to the MTO Minister which can be found here.  We are pleased the Town of Whitby has also requested some additional improvements to add a MUP to that new bridge (and had to pay $ for improvement).  Great work Whitby!  But it is too bad the cycling community still needs to beg the Province for improvements that were included in CycleON 1.0
  • Have you read the 4 recent cycling related papers from Ontario’s MTO, MetroLinx and Ryerson University?
    • Ryerson University (funded by MetroLinx) – Cycling Potential in GTHA Final report 2016 – here
    • MTO – Climate Change Action Plan: Transportation 2016 – here
    • MetroLinx – Active Transportation Report 2015-  here
    • MetroLinx – GO Rail Station Access Plan Dec 12th, 2016 – here
  • Our DRCC Executive Director, Bruce MacDonald speaking about our ongoing partnership with the Town of Ajax.  See it here.
  • We had a great meeting with DRPS to discuss state of affairs of cycling across the region and how we might work together for improvements. More work is planned with DRPS.  DRPS did encourage local cyclists to report unsafe acts to DRPS Road Watch.  see link above in red.
  • Uxbridge news paper coverage about cycling – read here
  • We had a meeting on March 9th, 2016, with 407 EAST ETR project staff/MTO staff to discuss our Durham Region safe cycling concerns.
    •  This is as a result of the DRCC’s meeting on Jan 16th, 2016 with the Minister of Transportation, plus DRCC’s recent letter of Feb 1st, 2016 to the MTO and a letter issued by MPP Jennifer French, on Jan 18th, 2016.
    • See the latest breaking news regarding the Hwy # 407 file under the Correspondence tab of our website.
    • We also got some coverage regarding our 407 concerns in the TO Star – see story here and here.
    • See improvements committed by MTO above.
  • On April 7th, 2016 – “More bike lanes are coming to Whitby. Minister of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure Brad Duguid was in town Thursday morning to announce $325,000 towards cycling infrastructure for Whitby“. See attached newspaper story and here.
  • On June 14th, 2016 DRCC members attended the latest Durham TMP stakeholders meeting #3.  Where this plan was presented – see May 2016: Draft 2031 Networks Transportation Networks document here.  Look at Map on page 29 (what we might get in 2031 for cycling) and page 30 which shows what we’ll have in 10 years or so.  Blue lines are routes still missing after 10 years and Red lines show cycling networks that say “existing” that do not meet provincial standards, like OTM Book 18.  Our DRCC comments can be found here.

Upcoming events

  • The DRCC has another follow up meeting with MTO 407 Project staff, on July 20th, 2016 (Postponed to Sept 2016). (we had the meeting Oct 2016)  It was in regards to one of our major safety concerns, which is the new bridges being built over HWY’S #407, 412 and 418.  So far only 1 bridge, of the DRCC identified 35 new bridges, has been build safe for cyclists and that is the Anderson St in Whitby.  At the Oct meeting some possible improvements were discussed for 407 Phase 2 (nothing for Phase 1).  Better news maybe coming to DRCC from MTO just before Christmas 2016.  We will let you know… SEE update above under news.

Durham Region cycling problems

  • One of Durham’s biggest failures when it comes to cycling infrastructure is a lack of continuous routes – many just start, then stop… then maybe restarts?
  • Also the coordination between local municipalities and the region, this is really noticeable where municipal roads with cycling lanes, cross region roads.
  • We are getting boxed in by 4XX highways (401, 407, 412, 418) without anyone in the governments; Municipal, Region or Provincial seeming to understanding what that does to cycling across the Region in the longer term.  See attached map.  Also see our efforts to educate and change directions under correspondence and in our presentations.
  • Another issue that needs to be addressed across the water front communities in the region, is a lack of East – West routes, this endangers local cyclists, like commuters, plus cyclists of other types and reduces effectiveness of encouraging cycle tourism.
  • We at the DRCC believe we need to follow standards.  Two key ones of cycling are;
    1. BIKEWAYS DESIGN MANUAL – from the MTO – see a copy here.
    2. OTM – Book 18 – Cycling infrastructure – from the MTO –  see a copy here.

If you know of any issues with cycling in Durham Region, drop us a line under comments.

For more on why the Durham Region Cycling Coalition (DRCC) was originally created click here.

We in the DRCC are also interested in the Province of Ontario implementing some kind of  Vulnerable Road User Law –  for why click here.

For a look at our draft Mission Statement – click here.

Did you see the news about $8.4Billion investment from the Province of Ontario regarding climate change action plan?  We did and here is what it says for cycling;

3) Support cycling and walking

Good cycling infrastructure gets people out of their cars and onto bikes and transit for their daily commute, effectively reducing greenhouse gas pollution while also improving public health. This action will:

3.1 Improve commuter cycling network

The government intends to accelerate and enhance implementation of Ontario’s Cycling Strategy and Action Plan and promote cycling. It will do this through:
3.1.1 A better cycling network
Commuter cycling networks will be established across Ontario, targeting routes with high-commuting volume such as between residential communities, major transit stations and employment areas.
3.1.2 Safe cycling
There will be more cycling facilities in urban areas, including grade-separated routes and cycling signals.
3.1.3 Convenient cycling
There will be more bike parking at transit stations and provincially owned, publicly accessible facilities.
3.1.4 Commuter cycling
Ontario will revise provincial road and highway standards to require commuter cycling infrastructure be considered for all road and highway construction projects where it is safe and feasible. Ontario will do the same for major transit corridors.