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Introduction to the DRCC

The Durham Region Cycling Coalition (DRCC) was formed in the spring of 2015 by the five major bicycle clubs within Durham Region to give a greater voice to the cycling community so as to effect improvements to cycling infrastructure and the inherent benefit of safer roads for people on bikes.  DRCC is actively working with all levels of government to bring about an awareness of the needs of all cyclists whether they be commuters, casual riders, are a mountain rider or avid road cyclists. We need safer roads and better cycling infrastructure.

We all have responsibilities while using our roads

See more about our new Provincial laws and responsibilities for both cars and bicycle users.  Read more here.

As a cyclist, we know we are vulnerable road users.  If you see aggressive or unsafe drivers while riding, report them here at DRPS Road Watch.


  • DRCC’s Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Thursday November 21, 2019.  It is open to the public and you are cordially invited to attend the third annual general meeting of the Durham Region Cycling Coalition to be held on November 21, 2019 at 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm in the MCK McKinney Room (located at the front entrance) at the McKinney Sports Centre, 222 McKinney Drive, Whitby, ON L1R 3M
  • Ron Lalonde has been appointed as DRCC Corp Secretary
  • Are you participating in this years Bike Month events?  See many events here
  • Greg’s Ride –  Sunday, September 22, 2019.  This annual ride is in support of  DRCC sister provincial cycling advocacy group – Share The Road.  Several members from DRCC will be attending as well.
  • DRCC are now accepting new none-club cyclists memberships to join us in our advocacy efforts.  For more information regarding our new affiliate memberships, please contact us.
    • Note – If you are already an existing member of any of the 5 cycling club noted above in the introduction to the DRCC, then you are already a DRCC associate member.
  • Ajax Trailfest and Trails Open is Sunday, June 238:00am – 3:00pm – many DRCC members will be in attendance.
  • In 2017/2018/2019 DRCC has been working with Durham Region as Stakeholders on their Vision Zero planning, adding our views and comments.  Including; Closing known gaps, adding Cross-Rides and “sharrows” where town/city on road networks cross regional roads.  Plus the integration of municipal and regional networks.  Contact us if you want to hear more of our suggestions or have ideas.
    • Official Launch Ceremony for the Durham Vision Zero program
    • Wednesday, May 298:45 – 9:30am
    • Where: Upper Galleria, Durham Regional Headquarters, 605 Rossland Road East, Whitby
    • You are cordially invited by The Regional Municipality of Durham to the Official Launch Ceremony for the Durham Vision Zero program
  • DRCC are official Stakeholders working on new Region AT (Active Transportation) Plan, being redeveloped starting in the spring/summer of 2019.
    • We will be advocacy for;
      • Compete and safe routes
      • Better/safer access to schools, including UOIT, Trent and Durham Collage campuses
      • integrated regional/municipal cycling networks
      • Better financial support from the Region to the 3 northern municipalities
      • Interface with Municipality cycling plans when they exist (plus known routes)
      • Interface with know route’s when no Municipality cycling plan exist
      • The Region should take a leadership role with municipality build outs
      • The Region should take leadership role with provincial/federal build outs/issue
      • The Region should fund and build plan (2017, 2010, 2012 plans were never funded)
      • The Region should take leadership role with Metrolix/GO transit
      • The Region should build crossrides for MUP (as per OTM Book 18)
      • The Region should build through lanes/sharrows for on-road routes
      • The Region should use/share bike count data to help understand where/when riding
  • Did you hear about Uxbridge’s new Bike Pump Track – read more here.
  • In the summer/fall of 2018 we provided feedback to the Pickering ITMP (Integrated Transportation Master Plan).  We are hearing 2019 is when it is coming back to Pickering Council for approval and we will be their.  We suggested they also start a more detailed AT (Active Transportation) plan, which will include detailed cycling planning and routes.
  • Whitby’s new AT Plan is coming to Council for approval in 2019.
  • Did you hear about the Durham Region Strategic Road Safety Action Plan Project? – https://www.durhamvisionzero.com/  add your voice.  If you notice on the graph, more Vulnerable Road users (Pedestrians, Cyclists, etc) are involved in Collisions then impaired….  a similar thing is happening all across Ontario.  Cars vs people on bikes – bikes loose!
  • The City of Pickering is working on a new TMP (Transportation Master Plan – which includes Cycling).  DRCC has several members in as Stakeholders.  Hopeful progress for the City of Pickering.
  • Did you hear, that MTO 407/418 phase 2 will have more bike friendly bridges (paved shoulders on 13 of them).  That is what MTO have committed to our DRCC contingent.  See us for details.  Now we need to go back and get fixes on MTO 407/412 Phase 1 bridges.
  • Did you see that Scugog paved the 6th line into Port Perry?
  • We had a great meeting with DRPS to discuss state of affairs of cycling across the region and how we might work together for improvements. More work is planned with DRPS.  DRPS did encourage local cyclists to report unsafe acts to DRPS Road Watch.  see link above in red.

Durham Region cycling problems

  • One of Durham’s biggest failures when it comes to cycling infrastructure is a lack of continuous routes – many just start, then stop… then maybe restarts?
  • Also the coordination between local municipalities and the region, this is really noticeable where municipal roads with cycling lanes, cross region roads.
  • We are getting boxed in by 4XX highways (401, 407, 412, 418) without anyone in the governments; Municipal, Region or Provincial seeming to understanding what that does to cycling across the Region in the longer term.  See attached map.  Also see our efforts to educate and change directions under correspondence and in our presentations.
  • Another issue that needs to be addressed across the water front communities in the region, is a lack of East – West routes, this endangers local cyclists, like commuters, plus cyclists of other types and reduces effectiveness of encouraging cycle tourism.
  • We at the DRCC believe we need to follow standards.  Two key ones of cycling are;
    1. BIKEWAYS DESIGN MANUAL – from the MTO – see a copy here.
    2. OTM – Book 18 – Cycling infrastructure – from the MTO –  see a copy here.

If you know of any issues with cycling in Durham Region, drop us a line under comments.

For more on why the Durham Region Cycling Coalition (DRCC) was originally created click here.

We in the DRCC are also interested in the Province of Ontario implementing some kind of  Vulnerable Road User Law –  for why click here.

For a look at our Mission Statement – click here.